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We served food at a powerful event by Black Mass in Mosswood Park today. Black Mass is a “Black led community event and conversation series with the purpose of honoring ancestors & creating new traditions through action.” Amazing people facilitating important conversations, it felt really special to be there. We distributed all the leftover food from the event to our unhoused neighbors.


Yesterday was a marvelous day. It was an unveiling of a large mural across from Lake Merritt that said “all queer, non-binary, trans, women, imprisoned, black lives matter” organized and ran by queer black folks. I was fortunate enough to table for Food Not Bombs with loads of dishes sourced from Joe and amazing cookies baked from Zan.


Volunteer testimony

Joe Leisner has been a volunteer for Food Not Bombs for more than 20 years. In this video he talks about his experience and what it has meant to him.