East Bay Food Not Bombs was formed in February of 1991. We have served in People’s Park since the beginning, and have a long connection to that land, which is occupied Ohlone territory. Food Not Bombs is a loosely linked network of autonomous collectives across the country and the world, all focused on providing nutritious, free vegetarian food to anyone who wants it. We are horizontally organized and committed to food justice and food waste reduction as well as houseless advocacy. The East Bay chapter is the longest continually operating chapter of Food Not Bombs — for 29 years we haven’t stopped.

We serve hot food five days a week in People’s Park, two days a week in Oakland, and do mobile outreach at encampments around Oakland and Berkeley 3-4 days a week. We are based out of the Omni Commons on Shattuck Ave but have cookhouses scattered across the East Bay. We get our produce from grocery stores and farmer’s markets that donate things to us, and the staples from the food bank. Almost all of the produce we cook with is organic and sustainably farmed.

East Bay Food Not Bombs is a testament to the sustainability of mutual aid in the long term. We are committed to supporting and loving our community in the East Bay.